Pressure tanks


PRO-SOURCE Fibrewound Pressure Tanks

You simply can’t look past our comprehensive range of pressure tanks to meet a wide array of water reservoir and energy saving requirements. The Pro-Source Composite fibrewound tanks are the ultimate in reliability and durability especially for farm and industrial applications that require the ability to withstand the toughest conditions.


A range of sizes from 55 litres to 453 litres to suit most applications where a reservoir of pressurised water is required.

Key Features

  • PRO-Source composite fibrewound tanks designed and manufactured with capabilities to match a wide range of fresh water applications

  • PRO-Source composite tanks will not rust, corrode, dent or scratch and require no painting or exterior maintenance

  • NEW seamless durable air cell constructed of heavy gauge engineered polymer

  • NEW Drain screen field proven and unobtrusive design flush mounted to bottom of the tank

  • PRO-Source composite tanks are the choice for lasting and durability


5 year warranty