Using Rainwater at Home

Rainwater is a valuable resource which can be used for a wide range of purposes in and around your home. Each time you use rainwater you’re leaving water in your city’s catchments for use later on. More importantly it also leaves space in your rainwater tank to store more water next time it rains. Bluescope Water Tank at Residential Home

Consumers are slowly beginning to realise that rainwater can be utilised for everyday applications such as toilet flushing, clothes washing, bathing and showering. It is these applications that make the biggest contribution to saving water, as they use a high volume of water all year round.

By using rainwater for these applications, the water levels in your rainwater tank will be regularly drawn down allowing more rainfall to be captured and used. This promotes the concept of “empty tanks are good tanks.” Empty tanks allow more rainfall to be captured – which is good. 

Please keep in mind that to get best usage from your rainwater, you are wise to connect multiple applications such as the toilet, washing machine and garden watering systems. To simply connect just a garden watering system is not truly recognising the potential of rainwater use.

Simply connecting just your gardening water utilities to your rainwater tank will use a high variety of water during the warmer months of the year, meaning that your rainwater tank is more likely to fill and overflow during the wet months.  This in-turn reduces the amount of water you can collect to use all year round. 


FACT: Use rainwater all year round and save up to 35% less mains water by connecting to your toilet and bathrooms.


Average Family Home Consumption


home usage chart

Source: Arid website Dec 2006

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